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The Essentials...
The Basics...
Your Target Audience
It's All About Traffic!
Start  Up Tools
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Welcome to the Productive Pensioner
OK I'm Here - Now What?
In this welcome video, I'll run you through all the training and tools that will turn you into an Internet Marketer and help you on your way to your first online commissions. The modules on the left are kind of laid out in a logical order for you to go through - but I get it if you want to hop about the site first to get a feel for it but don't get overwhelmed, anybody can do this! 😄
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Further down each page will be the 'Homework' section, a selection of videos related to the topic at hand.
Your Host
Clive McGonigal
Clive is an Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur, Trainer, and Pensioner based in London and France. You can find out more about him here
You don't need a bunch of stuff to get started...
So what are the Essentials?
In this video, we will cover the things you can't be without. The basic tools of marketing online - the chances are that you may have these already but let's double-check...
📺 HOMEWORK - Get Signed Up
Getting Started with GMail
Getting Started with ClickBank
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Getting Started with PayPal
Getting Started with YouTube
OK, let's talk about what we want to achieve...
Affiliate Marketing - The Basics
In the video on this page, you will get some insights into the potential of affiliate marketing - finding a market or 'niche' that you can promote products to. While commissions for physical products are generally around the 5-10% mark with digital products it can be as high as 75%!

In essence, writing a genuine review of an online product - providing you can get people to see your 'review' - is an honest and ethical way to make an online income. Of course, you can do a BS Review too - that's your call but personally, I only review products I have actually tested and like - makes for better Karma!
📺 HOMEWORK - Get Motivated...
Not convinced yet?Here's proof!
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The Riches are in the Niches!
Who are you aiming to connect with and, ultimately, sell to? 
Your Niche? What Works For You?
In this video, I talk about 'niches', audiences, and how to drill down to find out who exactly you want to be promoting to. Check the Google Docs below for LOTS of ideas...
📺 HOMEWORK - Get Inspired...
Niche Selection Ideas
Your Ideal Customer...
Using Facebook Insights
Find Your Passion
Smart Google Trends Method
Multiple Niche Research Ideas
Let's chat about the Lifeblood of Affiliate Marketing...
Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!
In this video, I want to explain how, no matter how cool your offers, if nobody sees them what's the point? Don't be disheartened! There are many ways to find and drive traffic to your sites and affiliate offers - it's just a question of what traffic works best for you. This is mostly an overview but we will go into more detail on traffic in a later module.
📺 HOMEWORK - Get Ideas...
Traffic Insights #1
Free Traffic - Facebook
Free Traffic - Instagram
Traffic Insights #2
Free Traffic - Quora
Free Traffic - Pinterest
Raise your game and raise your profits...
🧰 Start-Up Tools
In this video, you will learn how and why having some basic stuff in place makes sense and how to ensure the assets you create online remain your own.
Time To Do Some Keyword Research?
  • Get started, no time like the present! Get informed as to the best search terms to target in your niche, no matter how you intend to drive 'Traffic' to increase the likelihood of cool results. But you can get started right now using the UberSuggest search box at the top of every page or here...

Type in a generic term for the niche you want to target e.g. dog training and find the search terms people looking for solutions are actively typing into Google...
Building A Web Page or Site ( Optional but Recommended)
We'll be talking about building a website later but for now, relax its way easier to do these days and it IS optional. I have written a Blog Post reviewing what I consider the Top 5 site builders. There ARE free options too but they take some extra technical skills.

Point is having a site that YOU own gives you a lot more options on how and what you can promote as an Affiliate Marketer, no matter how you choose to drive 'traffic' to your offers.
Don't Be Slow Building A List ( Optional but Recommended)
An Autoresponder allows you to collect customer emails and contact ALL of them with one email whenever you choose or set up a sequence of emails that they will automatically receive over time.

While this IS optional and you can be an Affiliate Marketer without building a list of subscribers, it is a smart thing to do to multiply your income over time.

Put it this way, if you had a shop or a restaurant or any kind of offline business you wouldn't want to have a customer buy from you the once and never again! There are many Autoresponder services out there and I have tried a few. Today I use one called GetResponse and they have a 30 Day Free Trial...
So what are we going to promote first?
Let's go check out some offers...
In this video, I'm simply pointing out how MANY different places there are to find the offers ( and solutions) that your audience is searching for. See the videos below on and how to choose the right one AND, where necessary, how to best get 'approved' as an affiliate.
Places To Find Offers
Here are some links to websites to help you find products to promote as an Affiliate. Most require registration before getting full access but all of them are free. That said some require proof that you are a serious marketer - specifically those focused on 'physical' products
📺 HOMEWORK - Get Signed Up...
Top Affiliate Networks
Getting 'Approved'
Breaking it down - target the Pain Point!
Your potential buyers are searching for?
In this video, I talk about how to find out not only what your potential buyers are searching for but how you can get in front of that search engine generated traffic offering the solution that will help them best and convince them to buy.
📺 HOMEWORK - Do The Research... 
Finding A Product To Promote
Keyword Research #1
Profitable Products To Promote
Keyword Research #2
Sell something once or sell multiple items?
How Funnels Work 101
In this video, we'll discover why sometimes it makes sense to give something away for free before making a sales to build a List and how and why smart Marketers do that.
📺 HOMEWORK - Check Your Options...
Social Squeeze Pages 
So if creating a Squeeze Page and offering something to your visitor for free in exchange for their e-mail address makes sense to you, as it hopefully does, you need some extra Tools and Resources:
OK we've got the basics and an offer...
This is where the 'rubber meets the road'...
In this video let's do a quick round-up of what we have so far i.e. an Action Plan and what we are going to do next.  This is the formula:
Problem + Solution + Offer + Traffic = Commissions 
📺 HOMEWORK - Get Insights...
A Bit Of Motivation...
Clickbank University
EasyVSL - More Details
Tools to raise your game...
🧰 Advanced Tools
Good tools, in my opinion, use technology to speed up our marketing processes and research, and since 'time = money' here are a few to consider. More Details Below...
 Keyword/Search Term Research Tools
On my personal blog, I often create Review and Comparison Posts on the tools I use as an Internet Marketer - free, low cost or premium so others can choose and make an informed choice when considering their options - click below for my Post on Research Tools and beneath that links to my other Tool Reviews...
 Page & Funnel Builders
 Auto-Responder Comparison
 Click Tracking Apps and Tools
So how about a website?
Blogging for Profits Overview
In this video, we look at perhaps creating the ubiquitous 'Blog'. and how and why we might get on to page #1 of the Search Results and the potential benefits of doing so ( by focusing on sub-niches to reduce the competition).
Getting Started Tips
Free Domain Name & Security  Certificate. 1Click WordPress install - cheap as chips >>>
Things NOT To Do!
Whether you want a simple Website or a full-blown Blog then using WordPress to build it is the way to go. But what about the techy side? 

Check out the 20+ free videos, to get you up and running with a hosting a/c and installing a new WordPress set-up, by clicking the image.
The benefits of marketing with video
YouTube Marketing Overview
Potential purchasers and people seeking solutions to their problems do research on Search Engines. Since YouTube is the second most used search engine it makes perfect sense to use it to find the Traffic we want.
If driving FREE Traffic to your offers via YouTube appeals then feel free to access all the video creation, optimizing and ranking tips that I use regularly. Click below for Full Access
Ranking on YouTube 2020
More Insights
Social Media Traffic Overview 
In this video, I'll run through some other ways to drive visitors to your products, pages and more using simple graphics. The issue with getting traffic to a new Blog is usually the fact that it IS new and has little content.

It's something of a vicious cycle - you need 'authority' and 'content' to drive traffic via Google search rankings. Using sites like Pinterest are a way to bypass that, getting visitors via social media sites.
🧰 Useful Free Resources
  • Canva - Create free Social Media Graphics
  • Headline Analyzer - Make sure your text gets the click too
  • Ease.ly - Infographics creation
  • EasyGif - Free Gif Maker
  • All#Tag - Free hashtag generator for Social Media platforms
  • IFTTT - Free automated posting and more
  • BuzzSumo - Find trending content to promote.
  • IMGflip - Free meme generator
With the explosion of Social Media: Facebook Pages and Groups, Instagram, Pinterest and more, you can drive traffic to your offers, to your website or Blog with images/photos. Click below if you feel that using Social Media to generate traffic is more your thing... 
Quora Tactics
Forum Tactics
Facebook Tactics
Reddit Tactics
So where do we go from here?
Staying Focused & My Follow Ups 
In this video, I'll run through things you can do to stay focused on your desired outcome. The fact is that if you choose to do nothing then nothing will change - let's not fall into that trap of negativity.

By the same token just listening to people like me or buying product after product but not actually taking action does not make you a marketer. Your first commission payment DOES!
Take away JUST 1 thing! 
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Engage & Monetize Your New List 
The free traffic methods as taught here in The Productive Pensioner work great but to drive consistent and ongoing targeted traffic to your offers you need the email addresses of an engaged audience!
Matt's Product: A MASSIVE collection of proven 5001 profit-producing, click getting emails you can adapt, tweak and alter for your own emails or even email follow-up sequences...
The Super Affiliate System
The free traffic methods as taught here in The Productive Pensioner work but to drive consistent targeted traffic to your offers you can also go the 'paid' ad route and if that's something you want to pursue then check out John's proven system and training...
My Podcast with John
Video Marketing Insider
Want to master Video Marketing without tech, overwhelm or even appearing on camera? Adam's Tutorials, Tactics and Built-in Tools provide you with the exact plan to grow your business with page #1 ranked videos...
My Podcast with Adam
I know, with Mind Maps, it's a kind of love them or hate them split.

Personally, I like them. The Mind Map above is your 'Quick Link' shortcut to all The Productive Pensioner content - i.e. the Links to the Free Resources, Training Docs, Tool Reviews and more.
This second Mind Map is more focused on Video Marketing with YouTube and will be a fit if making affiliate sales via Youtube is the direction you want to pursue
What's New? Are You Signed Up?
The Basics remain the same when it comes to promoting Affiliate products as an Internet Marketer:
  • Pick a Niche
  • Find the 'Pain Points' people in that Niche have
  • Find a Product/Solution that will solve their problem
  • Create a landing page with a 'Lead magnet' to get their email
  • Drive Traffic To It
  • Redirect them After They Subscribe (optional)
  • Follow up with emails promoting other products they might like
But it's a fact that as technology advances and new software and apps become available to speed up the process or maximize our results then we have to stay informed on...
  • Better and smarter Research Tools
  • New Tactics on using various new Social Platforms
  • Tutorials on how to make You stand out from the crowd
  • new tools and tech. to drive traffic
My job, as I see it, is to let you know when stuff like that becomes available (normally at LOW 'Early Bird' Access Pricing), and if it's a fit for the path you are on then you have the choice to get it or NOT!

My Review of a product is simply that - a review of the Pros and perhaps some of the Cons. If it's not a fit for you DON'T GET IT!

But if something I review gives you an "Aha!" moment then that's cool.

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It's a fact that there are MANY ways to use the power of the Internet to create a second income stream. Way more than when I first quit the 'Day Job'.

It's also a fact that I'm a great believer in finding just ONE income stream and making it work before you even THINK about exploring another. That way lies madness, overwhelm, and inevitably failure ( I wish that wasn't the case but it's, true),

So that kind of puts ME - a dedicated, dyed in the wool, Affiliate Marketer - in a tricky position. How can I advise you on other types of online opportunities without being a Hypocrite?

Sure, I have come across many other ways to bolster one's income and have some insight into many of those - but not enough to teach you how to exploit any of them and be successful.

To me the answer is simple...

...for me to track down successful marketers who are doing well in those areas that  I do not have experience in, check them out, AND if they walk the walk, that I interview them on your behalf and find out EXACTLY what they do to achieve the success they have.

ZERO 'Pie In The Sky' B.S. just solid info from marketers that you can emulate if their methods appeal to you and are a fit for your skillset.


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One of my weaknesses - because it can be when marketing online - is I come up with novel, 'outside the box' ideas and think, "Hey! That could work!"

But I have learned to hold myself back from 'actioning' those ideas as they would distract me from all the other stuff I do i.e. Not enough hours in the day!

THAT SAID: it doesn't mean the ideas themselves are bad! In fact, you might find one here - I'll be listing them below (as and when they come to me) - that's a fit for you. Which would be great!

Just be aware that these are ideas and nothing more...

🤯 #1 Audio on YouTube

Did you know that ANY book that was published before 1923 is now in the 'Public Domain'?

Just a FEW examples:
  • The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland 
  • All the Sherlock Holmes novels
  • Ditto Rudyard Kipling
  • Ditto Mark Twain and MANY more ( here's a list)
The point is that - if you feel that your voice is up to the challenge - you could record a book ( let's say one chapter at a time or better yet a selection of short stories) using a free audio software such as Audacity ( but be sure to invest in a decent microphone).

Edit it to be the best it can then import it into your Video Editor of choice e.g. Filmora and insert just the ONE image throughout the narration and export it as a video file (.mp4) to upload to YouTube.

Use the Tube Matrix Bonus ( see Free Traffic Module in the left navigation) to optimize it for decent rankings from the get-go.

TIP: Use Thumbnail Blaster to create your static image and by doing so make your Audio Book style video seriously stand out in YouTube's rankings!

Monetize via YouTube monetization (but you need a LOT of views to make this worthwile ) OR promoting something related in your video description even if it's just a T-shirt! 
🤯 More coming up...
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